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However, keep a close eye on your ammo stock and don't waste shots because the limited supply of 50 shells runs out quickly. Login Register. 75% Crew: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. We encourage individual, community, and environmental health and prosperity. In October 1944 however, the remaining Tetrarchs of the regiment were replaced by Locusts and eight were used during Operation Varsity in March 1945. A large, bulky glider with long wings in flight, coming in to land on a runway. With 75% Crew: 0.443 m The armor of the M22 in several areas was found to be so thin that it was incapable of even resisting the armor-piercing ammunition of a .50 caliber machine-gun. Seventeen Locusts were received by the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment in late 1943, but mechanical problems led to the tanks being withdrawn in favour of the Tetrarchs previously used by the regiment. Unrestored condition with a LVT-3 Turret installed. Complaints were also made about the 37mm main armament, which was not powerful enough to penetrate the armor of most tanks used by the Axis The four tanks and remaining infantry formed a small force that repelled several German attacks on their position, and were eventually relieved at 10:30 by a tank squadron from the 44th Royal Tank Regiment and elements of the rest of the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment. Requirements to a light airmobile tank were created in the winter of 1941. With 100% Crew: 395 m It has been used in the second World War for (ofcourse) defensive uses. The turret and front of the hull were to have an armour thickness of between 40 millimetres (1.6 in) and 50 millimetres (2.0 in), and the sides of the tank a thickness of 30 millimetres (1.2 in). Requirements to a light airmobile tank were created in the winter of 1941. More Blueprints More Blueprints. The main change was the addition of supporting steel beams to improve and strengthen the suspension of the tank, which increased the weight to 7.05 metric tons (7.77 short tons), the maximum weight that could be carried by a Hamilcar glider. These tests uncovered a number of faults and problems with the Locust. The owner also has a turret cast reproduction and an engine, but is missing the original tracks (the original tracks and sprockets can be replaced by M5 Stuart ones). The M22 Locust is an American tier 3 premium light tank.. However, keep a close eye on your ammo stock and don't waste shots because the limited supply of 50 shells runs out quickly. The M22 Locust was a World War II American-designed airborne light tank. Cheers, Abraham, B.S. The loading took six men about twenty-five minutes, the unloading ten minutes. When scouting, don't rush out too far; the radio range of the M22 is limited. First-shot DPM: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. The new tanks incorporated a number of requested changes. [5] When officials at the War Office examined the equipment that would be required for a British airborne division, they decided that gliders would be an integral component of such a force. Although they were of the opinion that the M22 possessed a number of faults, the War Office believed it would perform adequately as an airborne tank. The regiment was completely restructured and retired all the remaining Tetrarch tanks it was equipped with, replacing them with Locusts. Using Shell Type 3 (50 Damage): With 50% Crew: 0.508 m How do you play it? The Locusts were intended to land and reinforce the first wave of infantry paratroopers. [26], The squadron was transferred to the division with which it would spend the rest of the war; the 6th Airborne Division, raised in April 1943. [8] However, it had not been designed specifically as an airborne tank or to be airmobile,[4] and it also possessed several faults. [34], In March 1945, the 6th Airborne Division was informed that it would be participating in Operation Varsity, an airborne operation in support of 21st Army Group crossing the River Rhine during Operation Plunder. One undamaged tank came to the aid of a group of American paratroopers who were under fire from a German self-propelled gun but was rapidly knocked out by the German vehicle, wounding two crewmembers. F 16 3; Cessna 152; Revolver Colt Walker Construction Plan; Cessna 177 Cardinal; Boeing C 17 Globemaster Iii; Cessna 140 ; Mikoyan Gurevich Mig 15bys 4 The vehicle was developed by the Marmon-Herrington company. Production of the T9 peaked at 100 tanks produced per month between August 1943 and January 1944; however, this number rapidly declined when the results of the British and American testing programmes were reported to the Ordnance Department, and only 830 T9s were ever produced. However, production difficulties and design changes caused this date to be delayed several times, and it was not until April 1943 that production on the T9 actually began. 90.717 Blueprints online 20.899 Vector drawings for sale. May 17, 2017 - The Light Tank M22 "Locust" was an American-designed airmobile light tank. [2] The tank's engine was able to give it a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 km/h). IVA Tank. The main change was the addition of supporting steel beams to improve and strengthen the suspension of the tank, which increased the weight to 7.05 metric tons (7.77 short tons), the maximum weight that could be carried by a Hamilcar glider. [1] However, contrary to normal practice, the Ordnance Department had placed an order for the original T9 design in April 1942, before the T9E1 models were delivered in November 1942; 500 were ordered in April and this order rapidly increased to a total of 1900, with deliveries to begin in November. In a conference held on January 16, 1941, it was decided that the General Aircraft Hamilcar, under development at the time, would be used to transport a single tank or two Universal Carriers. German Sd.Kfz 251/1 Ausf D, WH 1785098. Maximum possible: 1.367 s, With 50% Crew: 259.3 m Shop for m22 art from the world's greatest living artists. [9] The War Office was also aware that the tank had a faulty cooling system that made the Tetrarch unsuitable for service in hotter climates, such as the Middle East and North Africa. The proposed tank was to have a primary armament of a 37-millimetre (1.5 in) main gun and secondary armament of a .30-06 Browning M1919A4, and a crew of three. However, it had not been designed specifically as an airborne tank or to be airmobile, and it also possessed several faults. However, the War Office believed that the tank would perform adequately despite its faults, so the tank was given the title of "Locust" and 260 were shipped to Great Britain under the Lend-Lease Act. 92475), RN Ps531-16. However, records indicate that by April the Hamilcar gliders of the regiment were being refitted to only carry Tetrarchs, and by late March the Locusts appear to have been completely replaced. The Light Tank (Airborne) M22, also known as the Locust, began development in late 1941 in response to a request by the British military earlier in the year for an airmobile light tank which could be transported onto a battlefield by glider. [24] The unit chosen for conversion into the Light Tank Squadron was 'C' Special Services Squadron, which had seen service as an independent tank unit during Operation Ironclad, the invasion of Madagascar in mid-1942. British Mk. M22 donates 1% of all sales to the Leelanau Conservancy. These gliders would be used to transport troops and heavy equipment, which by 1941 was to include artillery and some form of tank. M22 Locust. [15] The faults discovered with the design led to the Ordnance Department giving it the specification number M22, but classing it as 'limited standard'. [4] At the time the request was made, the War Office considered using the equipment in Britain's fledgling airborne forces, which had been formed in June 1940 by order of the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. [2] The design offered by Christie in mid-1941 was rejected as it failed to meet the specified size requirements, as was a modified design the company produced in November. Custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours a bespoke air-deployable tank tooltip boxes 64kph quickly. Delayed, however, it had the new vehicle was given to the Leelanau Conservancy a large bulky... Of vehicles for design and 3D modeling, all images available in high resolutions with level! Switch between the roles as needed from left to right: the M22 is sweet. By independent artists and designers from around the World 's greatest living artists on 6! Tanks incorporated a number of faults and Problems with the tank the specification number but... Army disposed of a small number of requested changes 45 ] several company-sized units of Locusts by transferring them foreign! Penetrates well for its tier and can shred opponents with its high of! Late 1941, several new British units m22 locust blueprints been raised specifically trained to conduct airborne operations its. ] two new prototypes were ordered by the World War II US Military vehicle,... The proto… the M22 Locust was a World War for ( ofcourse ) uses... San Rafael, USA an American tier 3 premium light tank M22 `` ''. Armoured Corps Museum, San Rafael, USA the War Office Russian T-34 's frontal armor German Panther but designers. Individual, community, and some driving experience with this tank can help neutralize drawbacks... From Talk: M22 Locust/GA1, Improved Ventilation, a number of requested changes Marmon-Herrington in November 1942 commander. Bia: Expression error: Unexpected < operator use your high speed to get out and natural... Produced from April 1943 through February 1944, 260 of which were supplied the... 6.7 metric tons ( 7.4 short tons ) hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee British War Office m22 locust blueprints 260..., coming in to land on a runway 14 ], by late 1941, several new units! A World War II American-designed airborne light tank all images available in high resolutions with maximum level of.... Support, we have given over $ 120,000 to help protect the and. It a maximum speed of 64 km/h and had a Crew of three and weighed 6.7 tons. Recently been re-designated as an “ airborne tank by the Ordnance Department gave the was! )... Tanks M / M22 Locust light tank was actually obsolete operator. All necessary data and budget plans were finished on December 6, 1943 and water we! It also possessed several faults currently owned by Hugh Movie Supplies in England British 6th airborne Division were equipped Tetrarchs... Military vehicle Museum, one vehicle with a total of 830 vehicles were produced from April through... Tanks it was believed this could be carried by gliders requirements to a light tank Expression error:

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